Swap Baby on the way!

Shipped my swap baby out today; I’m sooooo excited! This has been so much FUN!!!

I want to TRY to wait and open mine on Christmas morning…I doubt that I can wait that long, though. It was kind of hard to say good-bye, but sooooo exciting at the same time!

I recieved my baby today…omg im trying sooooo hard to wait…I think I will be opening it early

I know!!! I am very impatient…I am going to open mine in just a little while I think…yay!

open them girls i want pics!!!

[size=14]**Oh Diane, she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!! I cant even begin to describe how amazing she is! I love everything about her, and her presentation is so great! I just want to sit around and hold her. I feel like I have a newborn baby. I get attached to my babies, but nothing like this. Its different when its made especially for you! I am in the process if taking photos, I want to make sure I do her justice. I love her wardrobe and all her goodies. Thank you just doesnt cover it, but THANK YOU!!!

ps the paper dolls are incredible, and I want to get some for my daughters!**[/size]

you dont have to thank me for opening early, I have no patience! I dont know who I was kidding trying to keep it until Christmas . My husband will be returning soon from Afghanistan, so we arent having Christmas until Jan, so that would have been a LONG wait!

I will be getting with you about your paperdolls

Yay! I’m so happy for you!!! I know what she looks like, and she is goregous! But I’m still looking forward to seeing new pics of her:) congratulations