Sugar's here!

my sugar kit just came!!! OMGOSH!!! I LOVE IT!!! It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I’ve wanted to do this kit since it came out but it always goes out of stock so fast!! Anyways, got my hands on one and I can’t WAIT to work on it!!! And I just have to say, I LOVE bountiful baby!!! I HATE waiting, once I order something, but there’s no way anything could ship faster than the stuff I get from this site!!! THANK YOU!!!

She is such a fun kit, I have done her twice!! And i agree the shipping is the best from BB!! Living in australia takes ages for other companys but with BB within a week. better then posting within australia at times!!! LOL

Rose I love your siggy baby just beautiful.


I love Sugar, too. I have her and Honey, but right now I’m working on Kameko; she’s been a delight, too. I can never decide which one I want to do next, but Sugar does have my heart!

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Sugar makes a beautiful baby,Can’t wait to see your sugar,this is my first sugar when they first came out.huggs Rose

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Your baby is beautiful Rose, but, I believe this is Honey. Sugar is the sleeping twin.

I havent done sugar yet but I love all the little wrinkles and fold on him! too sweet