Stunning New Realborn® Zuri Awake, by Beatriz Clemente, on eBay Now!

Good Evening!

We have another amazing Zuri Awake prototype on eBay now! This Zuri was reborn by Beatriz Clemente. This is the first Bountiful Baby prototype reborn by Beatriz. We are thrilled with how beautiful she is! Her detail is remarkable, and have you seen those newborn skin flakes on her hands and feet? You simply must have a peek at her auction! Her auction is also featured on our home page at:

Realborn Zuri Awake’s kit is about 18 inches long when completed. She has sweet, chubby features and is the perfect little ball of cuteness! We are excited for her release! You can sign up to be notified when she is available here:

To see the adorable real baby Zuri, here is a link to view her newborn photography session:


Bountiful Baby


Looks so much better than the first prototype! She is gorgeous, I will definitely buy her kit!

And the eyes look realistic, I love it!

The first prototype scared me :laughing: I thought I hated awake Zuri! But this one is so cute!


I didn’t like it either! It was very scary looking. This looks like a baby and she’s so sweet!

She is beautiful.

The absolute best I have seen.Her painting is amazing and very lifelike.This is what would make people buy this kit.