What happened to the starred category? This a.m. when I loged on I was going to check something on my starred category and lo n behold it wasn’t there. Has anyone else had this problem???

Lynn, I don’t see a way to get to the “starred” threads, either.

I’ve starred a few threads recently so I tracked them down, they now have bookmark icons next to them in the thread list and the first post is bookmarked. There’s no star to star (haha) on any of the threads now either, I t looks like they went to using all bookmarks so there’s only one spot for saved stuff. Check your bookmark list and see if what you were looking for is there.

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Oh, I see------we have to scroll the whole list to find the bookmarks, I do see the ones I had starred previously. How is it that they don’t let us know when something that BIG changes? Thanks for the info-----I am NOT computer literate and would never have figured that out for myself. THANKS !!!

Hopefully they are trying to improve things! :smile:

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This is my favorite forum; it’s so much easier to navigate than the other ones I’m on. I love the new little emoticon button! :smile: :blush: