SOLE kase asleep. Kit. Pricing question

I don’t want to do this. But I may have no choice. I have a few untouched Kase asleep kits. No bodies. And I will have to find the COA. But I’m considering selling them for 100$ each.
I need to try and raise a LOT of money in a short time.
Is this too much for him? I mean. People pay 100$ for kits all the time. Right?

I think that’s reasonable for a SOLE. Remember to add shipping.

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I don’t think he will sell for that much because now people do not pay the higher prices for the kits with 3/4 arms. This is based on what I have seen sell and not sell on my reborn doll kit market page on FB. Presley is the only one of the 3/4 arm Realborns that seems to sell higher. Buy hey, you can ask it and see if you get it.

Sounds reasonable. If you can find his COA. Put him on Reborns dot com in the accessories section and wait and see. It can’t hurt to try. :woman_shrugging:t2: