Smilla and Flynn


Never noticed, but Flynn Eagles and Smilla Altenkirch look a lot alike. :thinking:


LOL …except ears…
Whom are you painting Flynn or Smilla? You know that Flynn is my favorite :slight_smile:


Just got a smilla kit! Can’t wait to start. They’re both adorable!


Not painting either right now. Trying to get ugly little Lola and Leo Donnelly out of the stash, along with toddler Gabriela. Gotta get those ugly babies out of the way, but gotta keep it balanced with a pretty little girl. :rofl:


@Katinafleming Why did you call Lola and Leo ugly? I looked at them - they are so cute and I am sure that you will make them precious.


They both have weird side views. Hopefully they will look better with hair and a body. Right now, they are just ugly little heads :grimacing:


@Katinafleming Oh, now I know what you are talking about. I’ve got off guard a few times by side views. I wish companies would show all 3 views of the heads.
Would you please post their heads pictures.