Silicone BooBoo pours

Anyone know what BB is planning on doing with any booboo pours? Ones that are too bubbly to pass their quality tests? I was hoping they’d have seconds or at least just the silicone heads for sale for cuddle babies…especially Darren.

Thanks y’all!


A good question for @bountifulbaby @bbsupport and @BBMelinda they would be the first in the know or at least know who to ask

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Oh, good point! Thank you for tagging them. I totally forgot we could do that. It’s been so long since I’ve been on here. Thank you for the help!

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@bountifulbaby @bbsupport @BBMelinda
Any updates or comments?

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I wouldn’t know the most recent information about parts not passing the quality test, the inspection process is different for silicone than for vinyl. Silicone has the ability to be repaired where as vinyl does not.

As for selling silicone heads, I think that is a good idea :wink: :wink: it would be a cost effective way for customers new to silicone to learn how to paint it. Or like you mentioned cuddle babies:) We are working to have more supplies and options for customers with the silicone kits!