BB, You are so right-when I looked carefully at Shyanns picture as naked vinyl I could see the displacement of her eyes. I’ll look more carefully in the future-she was so beautiful in her finished painted & dressed state I did not notice. Thanks for being so prompt with your answer.

Wow… I read the other post from BB to you and I am SO impressed with their response to your question… Their customer service is the best… I had not noticed that about Shyann before… she is a beautiful sculpt. I am sure you will do her justice…

Here’s how people could look like if their faces were symmetrical: … cal-faces/

Martina, I hadn’t seen the other posts, but went to the link you posted. It is pretty amazing. I’m a dog fanatic (I have 5) and scientists have figured out that dogs look at one side of our faces, the one that is most true in demonstrating our emotions. We all expect symmetry, when in fact, it’s not there! some of my dolls lack symmetry, and at first it’s a little puzzling, but as they develop, they become more “human.” Great topic!

Oh, yes, the images on the link can be viewed as “stereoscopical” pictures. Just stare at the middle of each set of portraits (a bit cross-eyed) and you will be able to see the “real” face beetween those two symmetrical ones!

Had no idea that the dogs can “chose” which part of the human face to observe