Should I strip it and start over?

This is my second kit. I used Nicole Russell’s tutorial again on Facebook.

I know the redness is a bit too red. I’ve seen some red newborns and thought this was okay. The paint as been sealed. Is it too late to add redness to the lips? (If I don’t strip it and start over.)

What do I need to make the lips shine a bit and look wet?

First of all, the redness isn’t as red in person as it is in the photos… I took a picture next to my hand to show the color difference.

Please let me know what I should do. I’m okay with it, but my hubby thinks this baby has been in a terrible accident…

Taken in sunlight.

Taken in florescent lighting - Doesn’t show up as red.

Almost forgot this one! Me holding a leg.

What do you all think I should do? I’m leaning towards stripping the paint and starting over…

— Begin quote from “kimskids”

Do you have any mint green? If so a couple thin layers will tone the red down. Babies that are too red are a common problem when beginning!! Lol! What are you using for a thinner? If you use odorless thinner after the pieces are totally dry you can gently wipe over them with a clean dry makeup sponge to soften the mottling and remove any chalkiness. It is a pain to strip a kit and I would avoid it if at all possible! Lol! If you have no green try a couple flesh tones over the mottling to tone it down or you can even mix some dark green with white, thin it well and do a thin wash. I actually do my mottling as my first layer so it is very subtle…

— End quote

I have sealed the paint already… So it’s probably too late for a mint wash…