Shoes for June!


I was at the store today and came across these sweet shoes in clearance. I took a chance as they are 3-6 months size but they fit her perfectly! The shoes definitely make it easier to stand her up for those who are wondering about standing her up. I can’t wait to finish her, she is such a sweetie!


I can’t ever find baby shoes in those sizes all I can find is like 1 2 3 and so on. haha! Those little shoes are so cute.


They are so cute!! Can you share what store please? I can’t wait to finish her also…I’m doing her hair lol. Looking forward to seeing your June!


Oops I meant to put the link! They were from Target. Still available online just not at the clearance price. I’ll put the link up in a little bit or they are called baby eyelet shoes I think. I’m not looking forward to rooting her head lol! Can’t wait to see yours and everyone’s!


Shoe sizing is weird for babies. Carters does sizing like 1,2,3,4,etc. but then other stores do it by months. I measured her foot and I think she is size 4 but I could be wrong, depends on the brand I guess.


TY!! Our Target is out of stock and won’t ship them :sweat:


If you check the online it isn’t always reliable as mine said it was out of stock but there were three in store! They were just in the clearance section so maybe that’s why it isn’t listed online.


Go with 3 or 4. Her foot is big and chubby. Thats what I bought her.


Thank you so much! I come across sales at times, but I am never sure what size my babies feet will be. When I want shoes for a particular baby, I take the baby with me, but for these good deals we just sometimes happen up on, I go “I wish I knew what size!”


I always like to shop ahead of time and I’m not brave enough to bring just a leg with me lol. I figure I’ll find some kit in my stash it will fit if not for the intended baby


LOL! Yes, I am sure you would get some strange looks if you pulled out a leg to try on the shoe!


Darn I found them at my target but they weren’t on clearance! :cry:


How sweet! I love finding things on clearance💰


Has anyone found the actual shoe size for big June please? Maybe a 2 or 3? Ty!


At least a 3! Her toes are so curled that a 4 is easier to put on though


I’ve tried 4’s and 4.5’s on her. But it depends on the brand really. Carters has 3-6 months in size 2 but those are way too small whereas the Target ones are 3-6 but fit nicely.