Sharing my Mohair processing video on YouTube


Yeah, I’m going through old mail and just came across a catalog. Dan-ger-ous!! Haha :joy: They have the cutest white clothes to dye! And silk painting is a really tempting new hobby…


Thanks for sharing. I do have a question how do you know if you have a good quality raw mohair?


That’s an excellent question. I’m not an expert on this topic but I’ve had luck just browsing through photos on Etsy. I look for mohair that has a distinct curl pattern and that is still in lock form vs the mohair that has been tosseled and just thrown into a clump see pics below.

Some of the experts on this forum might be able to add to this💕

One of the stores I purchase from is hairfordolls. They are located in Russia but have great raw mohair
hairfordolls’s shop on Etsy


Sometimes it’s hard to tell until you have it in your hands. I bought a full fleece once for $250 that was terrible (don’t do that…haha) That Russian fleece looks amazing!

Those are good tips above. When you get it, wash a little sample really thoroughly & let it air dry. It shoud be soft, supple, and shiny. None of those characteristics will get better with conditioner- good quality processed hair comes from good quality raw hair :blush: Conditioner does make it a little easier to manage (less tangles) & smell nice.


I just started dying the next round of mohair and loved watching this. I giggled at the part where you said your kids were about to wake up and ask if you were making breakfast :rofl:

I purchased a half pound of raw hair from a gal in Alabama, and its been great to work with. Im using human hair dye, but am going to set it and forget it for the day…


Lol!! Thank you. You definitely have to set and forget when using hair dye. I like that :laughing: