Sharing my Mohair processing video on YouTube


Hey everyone, I just made a YouTube video on processing raw mohair. I’m NOT a videographer,expert or even a decent you tuber lol. There are mistakes but I wanted to share my little tutorial. Thanks!


Thanks for posting this!


You’re welcome!!


Great video! Thanks for sharing your process :blush:


You’re welcome!


omg I said “process” like 50 times… I’m not so good at videos lol💕


It was great! Don’t worry about it! I’m gonna look for some raw hair


“Put gloves on what I’m doing is very stupid” I laughed so hard since I’m sitting here with smurf blue hands from fiber dyeing with no gloves lmao


:joy: This is how fiber artists can always pick each other out in a crowd! :joy:


Lol!!! I’ve scrubbed my hands so many times after dyeing hair… I usually start out with gloves on and then they end up in the trash by the time I’m washing and conditioning :laughing:


Sweet! I hope your batch turns out wonderful :two_hearts:


I went over and subbed.

Thanks for doing the video! I just bought some really pretty mohair I am dying pink and I had no idea where to start.

I was going to just buy a box of hair dye…Will the mohair not take up the hair dye?

I love some of the hair that didn’t get totally saturated, my cousins are light skinned and have textured hair that fades out to golden brown at the tips and have lots of highlights, that would make a great baby.

Such pretty colors, and that is some nice mohair!

…and I appreciate real videos where you feel like you are at your friends house, I felt like I was hanging out with you, all these over-edited-wanna-be-a-pro videos don’t have the same vibe. Great job.


It’s best to use acid dye on protein (animal) fibers. The color chemically adheres to the hair shaft to it won’t fade or bleed. I think the only reason we don’t use it on our own hair is because you have to boil it :joy:

Jacquard brand is awesome, as is Dharma. I shop here:

Search for “acid dye”
You might be able to find Jacquard locally at an art or craft store.

Careful though…fiber art is just as deep a rabbit hole as reborning…haha


Thank you so much for your kind feedback💕. Rainbowbabies is totally correct! The acid dye adheres better to animal fiber. I started off using hair dye and it would take me FOREVER to obtain the desired color (many boxes of dye and lots of waiting) . The acid dye process is very simple and quick (15 mins-30 mins) whereas hair dyeing would typically take 45 mins to an hour or more.


Love this! Thanks for sharing!


Great video and very educational! THank you for doing it! I actually like those batches that didn’t colored evenly. I think they would create a nice mix.


Thanks for this! I was just about to ask a similar question about processing mohair. Very useful


I love Dharma, I use to buy t-shirts from them when I had a store, we did tye-dye and batik workshops.

Thanks for the info!


Thank you💕


You’re welcome! :two_hearts: