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Please share your emmys


Plenty of time on my hands so I took the wig off and rooted her hair. Sorry for the black and white but the color was sideways and kind of squished.


Yeah. I ordered a petite human wig for mine. It will hopefully do well after thining and cut.


She is beautiful!!


Can I ask where you ordered your wig and what kind it was? :slight_smile:


Rene of Paris. Short hair in petite or small size.


She is beautiful!


Here is my emmy with the new wig



SO CUTE!!! :heart_eyes:


Still a work in progress


They are all so cute!


Is anyone having issues with Emmy’s eyes? If not can you please share what kind of eyes your using, what size and where you are ordering from.

Thank you


And how do you post pic’s it’s been a long time since I have been on a Forum

Thank you


I used 24m from dolls by sandie. At an angle.


Thank you. Did you have any issues with how short the socket’s were?
Can you please tell me how to post a picture. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,


No. I used have round.
Go to comment, hit upload and choose.


You choose the arrow up.

And then choose - “choose files”

Then Post!


I was getting ready to order eyes for my Emmy, I love yours, did you buy the recommended 24mm size? Also are yours full round?