Serinity Delivery Date?

Does anyone know when the Serinity kit will be shipped to all that preordered her?

I have not been invoiced for the ones I ordered from MacPherson’s. I don’t know if LLE ships to her dealers before she ships to individuals that ordered straight from her or how she does that?

Thanks yall. I paid in full @ LLE…just impatient. I’d love to have her by the end of May. I ve never preordered a kit so I have no idea how long to expect it to take.

Thanks. I’ll do that.

Your payment probably didn’t include shipping so you should be getting an invoice for that when it’s time.

Here is what Laura Lee Eagles said on April 16th:

Baby Serenity Edition is 1900 world wide at this moment there is no ETA as of yet till I hear back from the factory on there estimated date , but usually it can take up to one to three months from time of mass production starts and this is a large order

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Hi AMY. My payment included what she billed for shipping. It was $19 for 1 kit delivered in USA so I wasn’t sure I’d be sent a final invoice. I’m not good at waiting on things.

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Thanks Pia. It’s like waiting on a tax refund…it’ll never get here! Ugh.

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I guess you’ll be checking her website daily now. :wink:

YES I will…lol…:blush:

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