Sealing the hair on the monkey kits

What are you all using to seal the hair on the pre-painted and rooted monkey kits? I want to make sure to use something that sticks to the silicone vinyl.

My Bindi came today. I have to seal her hair first and make a body but I am very impressed with her. Much better looking in person than I thought she would be. My husband loves her!

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E6000 works on alomst everything. I use that a lot.

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It may be a problem with my E6000, but I find it not “runny” enough. I tried to spread it on my baby’s scalp with a long brush and it kept pulling all of her hair from the inside!

I like to use Mod Podge to seal my babies hair. I’d pour some in the limb and turn the limb around slowly so that the glue coats it evenly all around I used to use E6000 but I found that if I brushed the doll’s hair sort of hard, then some of the hairs would come out. Now that I use Mod Podge, NOTHING comes out lol!

Yea, I have that issue with E6000 too. I usually use Aleene’s Collage Pauge which is a water-resistant decoupage but I wasn’t sure if it would stick to this silicone vinyl. I guess I will just try it and see.

I use modge podge too. I always dip the brush of a nice size paint brush into the modge podge and paint it around inside the head. I really like it

I brushed mine inside with it last night with a mop brush. This morning it still wasn’t dry so I popped the pieces in the oven at 250 for 8 mins (wet the mohair first) and then laid them out to cool. I checked and they were almost dry so I popped them back in the oven for 6 mins more and they are cooling now but the glue appears to be dry.

After I use the modge podge in the head, I always set the head sideways in a coffee cup in front of my little fan. It speeds up the drying process!

I used my Aleene’s Collage Pauge which is a water-resistant decoupage. Seems to be holding fine to comb the hair though I am not jerking on it to test it.