Sales better?

In your experience which sales better? Straight hair or curly hair?

Straight or slightly wavy- I think this is because that is what many babies have, with the curly being more rare. I like darker hair too for my babies, that is my preference

I just finished a curly haired baby. Problem is keeping the curls from matting or frizzing out. The straight gets there eventually but curly is worse than I realized. I’ve been trying to decide whether to keep her or sell her. Every time I see her fixed up, I think keep and a few hours later, I’m to the "cut it shorter’ stage and a few hours later (without the cutting) I’m thinking sell her. So I’m going back to straight hair.

I personally prefer to use the straight or slightly wavey hair myself, find it easier to work with. Once I made a blonde with very curley hair and had to use lots of conditioner to control the curl. Just my opinion

Straighter hair is more natural on newborns. So I think straight would sell better