Is anyone preordering Romilly? She looks just like Ramsey to me lol…I have a Ramsey kit so I’m thinking of making them twins. I love Cassie Brace kits :heart:


I just saw this of facebook :slight_smile:
Romilly and Ramsey side by side


I see Ramsey as the boy twin and Romilly as the girl twin. They look like they are siblings but not identical, which is perfect for boy girl twins.


I preordered…Im a sucker for her kits :wink:


I preordered too. Love her kits !


Which one is Romilly? I painted Ramsey and still can’t figure it out. Lol


The smaller one (on the left) she has a straighter leg as well


Everything Cassie sculpts is AMAZING:) I love all her kits!