🎀 Our Gift To You! - Realborn Laila Released at Half Price!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We would like to wish all of our incredible customers a wonderful holiday season. As our gift to you, we are releasing Realborn® Laila at HALF PRICE! You heard that right, our brand new, much anticipated Realborn Laila is being released at Half Off for a limited time! Laila is a favorite of ours, we have really been looking forward to her!

The real baby Laila was born on Christmas Day, make this bundle of Christmas Joy yours! You can be one of the first to own her, and with an incredible discount too!

You can make this beauty yours now: CLICK HERE to own Lovely Laila

We want to thank all of you for your amazing support all of these years!

Seasons Aloha!

From all of us here at Bountiful Baby!


She’s so beautiful!! Thank you!!

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i litteraly screamed my head off when i saw this and my BF asked what was wrong LOL


Got her, thank you! :blush:


I just ordered a bunch of kits the other day but I will be waiting for her first! She’s so beautiful!


oh my word!!! Jackie’s version is to DIE FOR!! That hair!! @Jacky oh my goodness you have really outdone yourself with this hair.


I feel the same way. I ordered other kits this morning, but could not resist Laila so I paid the extra shipping to get her too. The detail in her hands and feet is just amazing.


Thank you BB Very thoughtful.

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Thank you very much! I just placed my order.

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Thank you! I’ve put her in my cart while I go through my stuff and see what else I might need :+1:t2:


Oh yay!! I was hoping she’d go on sale… I had to pick up two of them! Love this baby! :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas BB. Thank you!

I see a bunch of completed Laila’s being shared soon! :wink:

I grabbed one too


So sad I missed her at half price. I did the purchase with money order because I didn’t have the money in my PayPal account but couldn’t print the required page from my phone. Maybe I’ll go ahead and order her full price next week.