Repainting and rooting silicone baby


Hello, I am considering accepting a silicone baby in a trade. She is a little pale in color and isn’t rooted.

She is already painted though. Before I accept, I want to make sure is it possible to have a finished full body silicone baby repainted and rooted?

Thank you!


I’ve never worked with silicone BUT from my understanding IT’S EXTREMELY EXTREMELY difficult to strip/repaint silicone.


I’m not sure, but good trade!


Thanks for the responses. Yeah I thought it was good. A reborn for a silicone even though it’s not the best paint job. It’s not bad looking at all.

The baby itself is barely painted it seems. Like it may not need stripping. It seems almost it’s silicony color. It doesn’t look horrible tho.

I figured I can save by getting it repainted or more detail added to it and rooted. Since most of the cost is probably the sculpt.


Silicone dolls have to be painted with special silicone paints that bond with the silicone of the doll. Genesis and acrylics won’t work. Hair can be rooted, but not glued on the inside so you have to be very gentle with it. I don’t have any idea what would be safe to strip it with. Silicone dolls are sculpted, then a mold is made from the sculpt. Then the silicone has to be tinted and poured into the mold. It’s a long, costly process. To get a full silicone baby in trade for a vinyl reborn is a sweet deal. Do you have any pictures?


Exciting!! I would LOVE to see pictures… My friend bought a silicone thatbthe coloring was not what she wanted and she has not had to sand off the original paint, but has worked to neutralize to correct the coloring.


There is no stripping a silicone baby of its paint. You paint silicone with silicone so it bonds to the surface. You can only sand the paint off until you hit the neutral silicone. I have one sili that I bought and painted. I dislike how he turn out so I have put it away because I can’t fathom sanding gently until he is back to his unpainted starting point!


Do you know what kind of silicone it is?
I’ve heard of dolls made of tin silicone, and have seen pics of how they deteriorate over time. I’d make sure it’s not one of those.


Here are pics. I asked for pics with clothes off to see everything.
I know they aren’t perfect and upon research the sculpt checks out on the COA below ( I purposely cut off the painter’s name) and most do have bumps and imperfect parts unless they are like 5000 dollars.
Figured I can find someone to paint and root her over time.


That’s a pretty cute doll!
I’m not sure if taking paint off is necessary, she doesn’t seem to be heavily painted.
Probably just some extra details and such.


That’s what I figured. All I’d have to do is find a painter for it, then a rooter for her. Just gotta look up people who can do that.

I wish I can ask the person who painted two of my dolls but she said she don’t have the paints: she did such a good job that I’d get the paints for her if she accepted.


Painting silicone is not the same as painting vinyl. That’s probably why she refused. You’d have to try and find a silicone painter.


This baby appears to just have been blushed and matted. She can be painted over by an artist with silicone painting supplies and experience and easily rooted hair once painted :wink:


Yeah I figured it’s different techniques and everything so I respect that. It was worth an ask.

And that is great about it maybe just being a varnish and matte. I guess when I am ready to paint her, I’ll ask around for an artist. Do you know any silicone painters? Probably start shopping around for some within the next couple months.

She is already cute now but would look awesome once all that can be done to her.


She’s very cute. I’d go for it.


My first question is: How well do you know the person that wants to Trade a Reborn for a Silicone? Check that out before you go for any kind of ‘deal’. So many of these things turn out badly, watch out. If it is a legitimate Trade then it sounds like a good deal. It will cost you quite a bit to have it painted and rooted probably though. Also, I would make sure you find a Good Silicone Artist, I’ve seen some badly painted silicones. @913gigi44


It is unusual that someone would trade an expensive silicone doll for a vinyl one.