Recent Pricing Changes at Bountiful Baby!

Hi Everyone!

Beginning today, we are picking exactly ONE kit and putting it on a MASSIVE discount! Right now it is our kit “(FOR REBORNING) Binki (16" Reborn Doll Kit)”, and it is only $9.97! Come see here:

We will put a kit on MASSIVE discount daily, and it will be the kit that we are most well-stocked on. That means that, yes, we have a lot of this kit, but as soon as this kit is NO LONGER the kit that we have the most days of stock on, it’s price will go back up and the next kit will be put on this MASSIVE overstock sale! So even if you are not interested in this particular kit, you might want to check back daily to see what the current MASSIVE discount kit is.

Additionally, a few days ago we reduced the regular price on ALL kits by 10% to 15%. We will also be keeping an additional 12 of our most well-stocked kits on sale, and you can see those twelve on our home page as well.

We also have a group of our 12 other most well-stocked items showing on sale on our home page, plus a group of items that are being discontinued. All of these are on sale.

Please note, this is NOT a list of the “Least Popular” items. It is a list of the items where we overestimated what the sales would be— a few of which have actually been quite popular. We just have too many of them.

Thanks so much!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


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