Reborn boxes


Mac Phearsons is selling the box with a separate mailing box.


I went to Michael’s today and picked up a couple of smaller boxes that are so cute! They are 40% off. But even with the discount they are more than DG. I also checked out TJ Maxx they had some pretty one’s at a more reasonable price but I didn’t buy any. So far I’m going to stick to the Dollar Gen unless someone has them on clearance sometime. Can’t wait for the Christmas one’s to come out :slight_smile:


@YelenaRey I am using them for storage/organization. But when my family and friends come to my house to pick up a baby I will give them a special box.


Yes! Me too :slight_smile:


As I was browsing today, there were some of those boxes at SteinMart and Home Sense/home goods. I usually see them everywhere but not in the size of the gingerbread house. Joanne’s had some xmas on there site still and I came across the exact one i have-it’s a large. Out of stock completely. They are kind of hard to locate online.


Oh my stars…:star::star2:How flipping adorable!!