REAL Artist of the Month for September!

REAL doesn’t get much traffic these days and I would hate for it to fail. I do not have a baby in the contest and I don’t know if any Bountiful Bany member does, but if you are a member of REAL, I encourage you to go vote.

If you are a member of REAL and can manage to not show a baby, the entries are due on the 15th of each month and the poll goes up on the 20th. There is also a poll to vote on whether to keep the baby a secret or allow them to be shown on other forums or FaceBook. I think that restricting it to secret babies significantly reduced the number of entries that are received.


Did you vote in both polls?

I voted on both polls. :slight_smile:

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It is looking like only being able to enter a “not shown anywhere” baby in future contests is going to win. I hope to have one finished to enter for September.

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I voted. I haven’t been on there much lately because it has been so slow. :frowning: maybe things will pick up now that summer is over (well sort of over).

I’m sad. :confused:

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