RA forum members:


If you read this please let me know…I have been unable to pull up the RA forum all day yesterday and I only got on for a bit today and I can’t get back on. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?


I’m able to get on fine. Restart your computer and see if that is it or last but not least… empty your cache.


Thanks, guys. I finally got on. I can’t figure out what the deal is. I can get on everywhere else just fine. I got on this morning, but it was acting alll wacky and then just kept telling me “internet explorer cannot dispay this page”. But at the moment, it is working fine. Go figure…


I was having problems getting on to RA also last Friday. I have no problems today.


I think they have been doing some maintenance (the big guys) and that might explain some of the problem. Also, if you are having problems getting on - i.e. server - try rebooting your computer (that has helped me in the past). Let me know Linda, if you keep having problems.


Thanks guys. I keep having the same problem intermittently. It has to be the RA forum site because I have not had any problem with other forums as well as the sites that I connect to for work and all my electronic bank stuff. I will keep trying, though.

I have rebooted my computer and checked to make sure none of my settings are wrong, but since I am not having a problem anywhere else, I kinda think it is an RA issue.


I did find out that they are doing intermittent upgrading maintenance. So please be patient. I can’t get in all the time either right now.