R.O.S.E doll show 2016

Can anyone tell me if the ROSE show is always in Denver or does it move to other parts of the country each year??? I wanted to know if anyone knows where it will be NEXT YEAR 2016???

Initially, the plan was that it would be moved around. I thought it was planned for Atlanta in some future year. Perhaps @lastingmemories (Debra Jadick - who used to be ADM) can update BB forum on possible future plans for ROSE?

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I thought it was supposed to be in Denver again next year? I seen on face book they are looking for a new venue, either WY, CA, WA, UT, NV ? They will let everyone know soon :scream:


Come on utah !!! Bountiful baby is here sooooo… Maybe and by the pictures which they said gave a clue it looked like down town salt lake ooo I’d be so excieted!


I might have to come by myself if it’s anywhere but Denver. My husband liked it there. I’m betting its in Salt Lake City because of Bountiful Baby. That’s okay…I’ve always wanted to tour their warehouse.


Touring the BB warehouse would be fun!


he’d like salt lake and surrounding area @Blissfulbabies it’s a lot like Denver but our mountains are closer then they are in CO. By the pictures it looks like Utah keeping finger cross and the BB ware house isn’t like ginormous lol.