Question about wigs

I have a customer who would like to have the Eliza kit done with a wig. I have never done a wig so of course I came here for answers because you ladies are awesome. Which ones are the best to use and/or which would look best on that kit? @Nikkiroc I know you have used wigs before. Do you have any tips for me?

I’ve only used a wig once. I’m about to use another one, so… I’m gonna watch this post for tips!

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Wigs are so easy!!! Now that I know how to root, I only use wigs on toddlers:-) I do not recommend wiglets!!! What kind of hair us she looking for on her baby? I ordered my wigs from dolldbysandie Sandie. But I believe Monique wigs has a million styles!!!

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What other questions do you have? :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Well she is leaving it up to me as far as color and style. Since I’ve never used one, I am completely clueless. Lol. Is there a certain one that you recommend? I’m thinking maybe one with a little curl in it. Also how do I go about attaching it?

Would this one work Nikki? It’s adorable!

Is Eliza a bb kit? Go take a look at the wigs at dolldbysandie, she doesn’t have so many that you will be overwhelmed! I use Alene’s tacky glue to attach it. I position it where I like it and use a rooting needle to hold it in place. Then glue the front, then sides, then back. Don’t use to much glue, or it will seep through the wig!!! Lol that’s about it! Easy breezy!


Well… You might want to get a size bigger. I have that one… It looked like a toupee. I could not make it work! It’s a partial cap. I ended up taking it off. And… The Alene’s glue came off easy… Thank God! :heart:

Thank you for all your help! I am going to look over what Sandie has again to see what will look best. It sounds easy enough. Hopefully I can get it to work. Oh and yes Eliza is a BB kit.

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