Question about realborns for BB or anyone that knows

While the realborns were still on the drawing board I remember reading that these sculpts might be limited.
(If the answer is posted somewhere I apologize for asking this question again)
Will the realborns be limited or opened end sculpts?
If limited how many will be made?
Thanks in advance for answers…

Here is what Nevin posted when they were first announcing the kits. I am not sure what “time-limited” means at this point. The price has now been set and they do come with a certificate and a special box.


Our Reaborn kits are our “premium” line of what we call “time-limited” Limited Edition kits, and are each currently planned to carry a Certificate of Authenticity. Pricing has not yet been determined, but remember, this is our premium line, and will be time-limited editions rather than open editions like our other kits-- so yes, they will be a bit more exclusive. Our Realborns are also planned to be shipped in a very nice display box that can double as a shipping box for shipping a completed Realborn to your own customers-- so, no more wondering and worrying about how you will ship or display your completed baby!