Question about Berenguer dolls

I just bought some la newborn babys 14 inch does anyone know what size eyes they take… Or does anyone know how to measure eye size?? Sorry that sounds so dumb but I have no idea how to measure it

Hey there! 14" Berenguers take 16mm haf-round eyes. I have two of them waiting to be reborned

Thank YOU !!! I have been looking online and going crazy I tried measuring and am lost!!! You just made my day… Please post pics when you do them I would love to see…, I am starting mine tonight

You’re welcome! Mine won’t be done very soon… I like them so much that I want to make a perfect job once I start… so, it will probably take a while

What about the 18 inch babies?

Not sure. I have a few 20 something inchers (Berenguer kits) and they take 18mm eyes.

I believe the 17" LaBaby’s take an 18mm eye. Maybe the all vinyl 18" Lucas/Lily might take a 20mm.\