Pull out hair


Could you possibly go in and pull it out from the inside?


If the hair isn’t glued yet you should be able to just pull it out with your fingers or tweezers. Heating the head again should close the holes.


Just strip the head and start over.


As long as the hairs are not glued, you should be able to grip them at the base with tweezers and pull them right out. Those that break off can be pulled from the inside, poked though, or naired. Then bake the kit to close the holes. I have done this. It worked out, but I also rooted the head in a different color. My biggest issue with rooting is patience. I need to start from the back, but it is the area I hate rooting the most. I usually start at the front and end up having to replace a lot of the hairline due to it being rubbed in the pillow :confused:


Yes, of course. :blush: