Powdering Your Baby

Does anyone lightly powder the limbs before shipping your baby? I just started doing this to a few as the vinyl felt a tad tacky - probably from the heat and humidity here. It kinda gives it a silky feel plus it makes baby smell nice, too.


That’s a great idea, i’ll give it a go. DEE

I would be hesitant putting anything on a baby that would sit in the heat. Your really dont know how its going to react with the vinyl and baby powder does contain chemicals. You dont want the new mommy to be upset should something happen when she opens the box. JMO

What I did was lightly powder the vinyl and then brushed it off with a soft brush. It sat here a few days before I mailed it this morning and it seemed fine. Will let you know if she says otherwise.


I read an article about doll restoration of vinyl dolls and they suggest baby powder. http://www.dollinfo.com/caretips.htmMary