And great feed back for you too @JillianJade :grin: Love my honeybug pacifiers!!! they fit my preemie and micro preemie perfect


I also need to add @JillianJade as well. She was kind enough to sell me her Libby for a discount when she wasn’t on sale and sent her to the artist I’m having custom make her for me. The artist said the kit arrived and is perfect!


Thank you so very much… I appreciate you adding me to the list…it means a lot to me!!! :smiley: :heart:


I had two positive transactions with @JillianJade, and @snuggle2me. Thanks ladies.


Whoop! Whoop! I purchased a Max from @AmandasBabies wonderful transaction! Amanda is my hero!


Did a trade with @almawisecup Such a sweet lady!! Very communicative.


@GrammysReborns is the best! I have gotten eyes from her and we just traded kits. She is awesome. She sent me Princess Pug and some little extras - including a bark-box (which scared me as I was driving home from the post office because it went off and I thought I hit a dog - lol).


Thank you so much.


Too funny!


I purchased a baby from @allhisgrace, and she is just beautiful and perfect, she looks even more beautiful in person.Misty’s photo

My Photo

Thank you Misty for my beautiful baby.


She is so beautiful, I love her!


I bought 2 beautiful kits from @kristi. She shipped super cheap and fast too!! I can’t wait to get started on them :blush:! Thank you Kristi :slight_smile: I LOVE them :grinning:!!!


Lol, not always cheap…just clearing out few,:slight_smile:


Got micro preemie diapers and pacifier from @JillianJade and I also got eyes from @pia . :slight_smile: Thanks again ladies.


Bought from:

All three of these ladies were awesome!


You rock @DollyPardon :kiss:




Had a perfect transaction with @Amandasbabies :grinning: superfast shipping :package::postbox:


received a Kimberly head in a trade with @AmandasBabies thank you Amanda!


I got my package from @JillianJade super fast shipping :laughing: lovingly packed too.