Same here; I’ve bought from Carmen. Great transaction!


Just made a kit trade with @Sydster and all went well. Thanks Sydney!


Did a kit trade from @lollipop_cradle She’s super awesome and a great communicator!! Arrived safe and sound :yum:


Just sold a kit to @cassiem2000 and everything went great. Thanks again!


Traded/Swapped with:

All wonderful experiences with no problems what so ever.


I’ve purchased from:

More wonderful experiences


I’ve Purchased from:

And even more lol


Had a great trade with @lollipop_cradle


I made many great trades with @grannyx3 She has always been too kind.


Aww ty.


I agree- she is amazing!


I had a perfect transaction with @JillianJade. I bought the Honeybug pacifiers. Everything arrived quickly and in precious packaging. Kudos!!! :trophy:


Yes! Great experience trading with @Kate!!!


LONG list of lovely ladies:

…to be continued…








i just want to wrap you 2 up and keep you. Thank you.


I need to add @JillianJade to the list.I bought lots of goodies from her :)…it’s hard to think of them all!!


Just traded with @melcurll . Wonderful person great transaction, awesome communication.