Maddie Turco (Reborn Reflections) bought a 3 mo Joseph body from me recently and she paid fast. Made for a smooth transaction. Don’t be afraid to sell to her, she’s an A+ customer. Thanks Maddie


I just got the most perfect baby Skya from @Tessa! She is beyond beautiful! And Tessa is amazing to work with


I am so happy for you congratulations on your beautiful new baby. Love your work @Tessa


He’s adorable xo


bought a doll head from Shannon… @cajuncuties, and she shipped very fast, head is perfect, tyvm!!!


@Anne is a wonderful gem of a person to do business with I just received an item I purchased from her which also contained surprises Thank you so much lovely lady !!


@marrabo Anytime! Of course you aren’t saying how awesome you are to do business with and your nice surprises you give too! Thank you so much!


I’ve had very pleasant transactions with:

@Babies (I haven’t forgotten you! :blush:)

Thanks to all of you, and for trusting a newbie with all of your projects! Also thank you to those who gave me kits for my patterns! I truly appreciate it! I’m looking forward to keeping in touch and possibly more transactions in the future. :blush:


@Tessa Makes amazing micro preemie clothes!! Very talented! I love what she made for my littles…ty gf!!


Where do you find them?


I’m not sure she’s still making them at this time but send her a message