Awww, your welcome! Muah:kissing_heart:


Just had a wonderful trade experience for kits with @Jessejuice . :blush:


What she said! ^^ :laughing:


Had a great transaction with @CindyLouWho. Took care of me when I was in need, thank you :heart:️!


Had a great transaction with Melanie of @Blissfulbabies! I purchased her April K. :smiley:


It was my pleasure. :blush::gift:


Thank you @Reefbubbles. I was glad to help. Thanks for your quick payment. Hope to see the kit come to life soon. :blush:


Had a wonderful transaction with @BabyGizmo. She made the cutest set for my Flynn.


Beautiful,beautiful crochet from grannyx3. Lovely outfit for Nessa. Enjoyed the transaction from start to finish!!She couldn’t be nicer!


I would love to see a pic😍


@Katinafleming sent me mohair. It arrived quickly and was in top notch condition.

@dinokc bought a reborn from me. Great communication and FAST payment.


Had a great transaction with @Theara. She purchased my Tacy Winters kit. Great transaction. :smiley:


I also had a good transaction with @Theara She bought my Chase Brown and was awesome to work with


@JillianJade sold me honest diapers

@ShangriLaRanchAlpaca sells great alpaca fiber

@lostwithintime1 sold me a kit

@sweetiepieapril sold me many eyes


Got some beautiful hair from @Leabelle today, she is so kind :blush:


Had a great transaction with @MilosMeadows and @ECNRebornBabies. They were wonderful to work with and I would recommend them!


Thanks @Peachtree for shipping so incredibly fast and for such fast replies.


I had a wonderful transition with @teacupbears, thank you!


Starting my forth group of 10 that I have bought from; My first list is all the way at the top.


First list April '16
Second List February '17
Third List January '18

I will continue to edit my list to keep this thread from getting too long.


I got a great body for 3m Joseph from @RoseannsBoutique It was perfect! Thank you!