Penny (Patience)


Quickie phone photos in my workspace.

This is an awesome sculpt and I love this baby!

I would totally keep her if I wasn’t afraid of baby hoarding!

I just finished her this morning, listing her later this week.


She’s perfect!


Beautiful! Do you use air dry for hair or genesis?


Beautiful baby!


She’s beautiful wow!


My favorite Patience so far! Love her!


She turned out so beautiful!


Beautiful job!


She’s Beautiful! :two_hearts:


Such a sweetheart, wonderful coloring!


She is beautiful! Do you use fake lashes or are they rooted? If fake ones, which brand they look fantastic!


Gorgeous baby :purple_heart:


I really like her skin tone and your combi is perfection!


No they are mohair, you will love rooting her eyelashes, her lids are generous and soft, it is very easy and satisfying.


Beautiful baby !


OMGGGGGGGGGGGG, prototype-worthy!!! Adorable and so sweet!


That is the prettiest Patience I have ever seen.


Beautiful :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Wow!! She definitely needs to be a prototype! BB needs her on their website!! She’s amazing Gina!


She uses Genesis. (sorry for butting in)