Peach Honey & Sugar

I just bought my first Peach Honey and Sugar kit.They look really light.Do i reborn them the same as a pink kit all info is helpful.Thanks and God Bless

You will not need to use a mint wash on the pink kit. In order to achieve some depth to my babies, I often will use a sea sponge and apply the vein blue, eyelid purple and the lip blush color very thinned out all over the baby but not overlapping the colors. When I do this, the color can barely be seen but it does add some depth which adds to the realism. On my last peach kit, I used the flesh tone 7 with a touch of yellow ochre, just to warm it up a bit. Hope this helps and doesn’t confuse you. Just to clarify- I don’t mix the above colors but use each color thinned down and apply with the sponge- not overlapping.

Thank you so much for the info.Im so excited i just love working on my babies.