Painting hair ?'s

I’ve never done it before, but I LOVE the effects of it, ESPECIALLY on the brand new looking newborns. How hard is it to do for a first time hair painter? What abotu prismacolor pencils? I’m thinking about getting a few of them and trying to go that route. Any advice would be appreciated thanks

I think painting hair is different depending on which type of paint you use such as air dry paints compared to using Genesis but it looks better than the prisma penciled hair to me. With Genesis you can use things like the thickening agent or matte varnish to get a more 3D look. I am still working on learning how to do it with air dry paints but the last baby’s hair I did turned out better. When painting with air dry paints I think the hair flows better if you add a wee bit more retarder than you do for regular painting. I bought one of those brushes that makes the fur type or hair strokes. Mine is a 1/2 Royal Majestic 4730. I also have the 1/4 Royal Majestic 4730. For around the hair line I like to use those tiny little nail art brushes that you can paint one hair at a time. … annahC.jpg
I am going to tackle a Genesis baby in the near future with painted hair and see how I do with that.

I’m taking a class on hair painting right now and all I can say is, pencil hair-check, comb brush painted-check, script liner painted-NO CHECK!

What that means is, I was able to accomplish the penciled hair and using the comb brush with paint like Angie described above, but when it came to using the script liner, I’m having a lot of difficulties so I would say the answer to your question is, it really depends on your skill level in which type of hair painting you do.