Pablo eyes

I have been gone along time from reborning and now I am trying to get back I to reborning The thing is, can someone tell me how to order pablo eyes? I need good vampire eyes. Yep, I want to go into the direction of vampire babies.

Thank you. Have you ever used these eyes? If so how do place an order with them and how much do 20 and 22mg eyes roughly cost

I don’t know about Pabol eyes but Eyeco sells fantasy and dragon eyes. They are pricier than others but they seem interesting. The price is $35, more than I have tried so far. I haven’t had any problems with ordering from them and usually get the eyes in a few days. As for shipping, I do try to order more than one pair at a time to cut back that cost.

When you friend Pabol on FB, they will send you a greeting message with details on their eyes and you can ask for free samples and price list. I got mine couple of days ago - they sent me 6 pairs of eyes - some glass, some acrylic and they’re all gorgeous! Prices are very reasonable, but you have to order at least 5 pairs at a time!

Thsnk you everyone

You can get pabol glass or acrylic eyes at Dolls by Sandie