On the fence about Tobiah


I have decided that I like her head and I don’t mind her arms, but I am really not feeling the legs :confused: Anyone want to sell or trade a partial kit?


How do you know you don’t like her legs if you haven’t seen her in person? She’s a big baby too. I don’t really know that you could find the right size alternative legs easily. Her legs go perfectly with the rest of her.


I don’t like the way that the flexed foot looks. From all of the photos (and I have studied several) it appears that the flexed foot goes back at a greater than 90 degree angle. I am bothered by it enough not to want to purchase the kit at $140. She is a big baby, but finding limbs for her head would not be impossible if someone wanted to sell a partial or damaged kit.


At $140, yes…wait and find a kit you love. That one is was too expensive to not love. And as much as you’ve had to try to talk yourself into it, I would say she’s not the kit for you. Just like a bad relationship. The connection should be natural. If you’re having to talk yourself into staying…you’re with the wrong person. Don’t settle for the wrong person or the wrong kit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: