ON SALE - All Tasha Edenholm Kits - DEAL OF THE DAY!

Hi Everyone!


We have put all seven of our Tasha Edenholm kits ON SALE as the DEAL OF THE DAY for Monday April 7. These kits include:

[list]Kameko - $14.98
Josie - $14.98
Paige - $16.98
Tanner - $19.98
Joey - $19.98
Ember - $19.98
Molly - $19.98[/list:u:2zrkfgaq]

You can currently see them all prominently featured as the DEAL OF THE DAY on our home page:



Of course, this will change when the DEAL OF THE DAY next changes.

In addition to those 7 kits, we also currently have about a dozen other kits that have been put on sale, but those other kit sale prices could change at any time. Come see!

Thanks so much, everyone!

Bountiful Baby

Bountiful Baby
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