Earlier today, I saw a post on my FB page about a casting call, looking for “reborn people” that might be interested in doing a new show they’re working on. So I contacted them, never expecting to hear anything back…and was contacted almost immediately, saying shed like to interview me, when’s the soonest she could! So I told her to go head and call me…and she did…and we did our little interview. And she said she was taking some doll pics from my fb page to send to her casting director, and that her casting director would probably be in touch with me by next week, because they want to start shooting for the pilot, to have it ready by Jan!!! So I’m thinking this is crazy!!! Lol, too good to be true, etc…etc…so I googled the company and the person I talked to today, and they’re for real!!! They’ve done lots of REAL shows!!! Like Jack Hannah’s into the wild, and some others she told me but I can’t even rember right now. She said the show might not go anywhere, they’re just “pitching” it right now, but either way…I’m excited lol

Hope you hear back from them! Exciting but scary too…having to keep things straight would be my problem.

How exciting and fun for you! Keep us posted!

Wow That is great!

You’ll be famous! LOL!!