Now - This Never Happened Before

A lady purchased a doll directly off my website, we had a few e-mails back and forth and I sent her doll. She received it today and this is the e-mail I got tonight:

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Lily arrived today and I am sorry to say I will need to return her. I ordered it for my seven year old daughter and I don’t think she will take good care of her. With her neck needing support and her delicate body I don’t think it would be good for either of them. I am very sorry for the inconvenience! I will ship her back tomorrow. Thank you very much for the fast delivery time and great service.

— End quote

I have never had this happen before. It wasn’t a custom doll so I guess I will have to refund her money.
Guess I will need to put in a “no return” clause.


That’s a bummer…she better be in exactly same condition as when you sold her.

I, too, have my customers involved in the reborning process with photos of my progress so usually customs are not a problem. I thought I was pretty specific when describing my dolls on my website and had she told me this was going to be for a 7 year old I might have steered her to another doll (like a Berenguer) - – maybe I should see if she would do that


My now 3.5 year old grand baby has 2 and one of my more keys. She; lays with hers and takes them in public all the time. They are not too delicate. The only time any of their body parts came off is when I took ones bead off cause she “had boy hair” . My grand baby has her own ideas.

Well my nieces got one and the only problem is the hair!! They do not listen about how to take care of the hair and they really do not have any left at this point so I would suggest painted hair to anyone that has a child that will be playing with it!! This is just my experience. I am sure there are kids out there that could handle them better, my daughter has never done any damage to mine here at home!!

Hi Judy
Im sorry this happened to you
I got screwed.over once when a woman ordered a custom doll and put.down.half and then after i ordered supply and began working

Sorry its type on my phone
I dont know are dealing with that
Katie .

I’m so sorry Judy that this happened. I hope the baby comes back in excellent condition and you can resell her. I would not refund the money until you have a chance to inspect the baby. And I would certainly add the non-refundable statement to your baby pages.

I got my doll back just the way she was sent. I plan to refund her money minus PayPal fees, but do I refund the shipping she paid originally when I sent her??? I am thinking - yes. Am I right?


I would not refund any shipping fees.

Julie -
She originally paid $200 for the doll and $25 for me to ship it. So should I refund just the $200 minus the PayPal fees? I want to do what is right.


Yes - shipping charges and Paypal fees are her responsibility, not yours. This failed transaction should not penalize you. If she wants a Berenguer for her daughter, perhaps you can offer a better deal than normal…

I think if you refund her the $200 you will get your fees back. Paypal has always refunded my fees when I have refunded money.

I guess it’s a good thing. I would want her to return my baby of it were me. We work so hard on these babies and want them to go to good homes that they will be properly taken care of. As long as it takes me to root hair and make everything perfectly, I would be heart broken if I found out that one of my babies had been destroyed from child’s play. That’s just me. Plus, if the doll gets messed up from a child playing with it, many people go back to the artist for them to fix it. That would be a nightmare.