No sales lately


This is what I do. Having 3-4 new babies to list over a week or so span helps move older babies, too.


I always sell on eBay, I know there are some horror stories selling on eBay though. It’s been pretty smooth for me. If I have a doll that doesn’t sell after listing a couple times, then I’ll change the gender and get new pics- usually seems to do the trick.


The bronze level babies do not even show up (or they are not supposed to) unless someone has the link to your nursery. So hopefully they aren’t clogging it up 🤷

I am in the same boat though everyone… I’ve always used the silver membership but just let it run out until I get more ready to list. Hopefully that will draw some attention to the ones that have been sitting. :crossed_fingers:


I do the he same.


Im in France and have no luck on Ebay. I have better luck listing on my own FB page…some of the FB sell pages here in France and on Reborns. I think if were selling on I may have better luck and if I was in the US Id do that. I also stay away from the US FB sites. Even though Im American and its easier for me to speak to English speaking customers, there are too many scammers on those sites. I don’t seem to have as much trouble on the French and Belgium ones.


I have never sold my dolls anywhere else, other than some locally. So eBay is all I’ve known. I thought about trying that reborn website- but ehh- this has been working for me. I see people selling on Instagram! Maybe that would be a good avenue? That way the eBay fees could be dodged as well- THAT might be worth trying;) I’ve never purchased anything off Instagram until last week- I bought some cute Russian teddy bears- couldn’t help myself! And it was an easy transaction- so really I guess for me, it’s whatever platform makes you most comfortable. I have only been ripped off once- a lady wrote me the first year I started with a really sad story about her daughter and she wanted a reborn donated ect- so soon as I shipped the doll and it arrived she never answered back to me or responded to messages ect. I knew I got snowed over:/ I learned fast after that. As far as having a fast turn over- I think lower price points are just going to sell faster- I try not to gut myself that way either! But at times I have gotten desperate. Good luck selling your dolls whichever platform you use:) the hobby is well worth the headache!


Ive only had one annoying customer. I did one custom for her and then she wanted me to do one for her daughter…she was slightly high maintenance when I did her doll but i went ahead and agreed to do one for her daughter with my return customer discount…she was very HIGH maintenance very annoying. I was happy to finish and ship that baby and if she ever asks me again I will definitely refuse…its not worth the stress.
Ive had lots of time wasters and I can now see them coming a mile away. I definitely am very wary of people…I know when people are serious because they are quick to put in a deposit or simply buy your baby. Some people, I think, can’t afford a reborn but they go through the motions of behaving as they are going to, bombarding you with questions constantly…maybe this makes them feel better. Now when people start asking me questions that I know are just to waste my time I just lay everything out and tell them, basically…here is my listing, everything is included in this listing and if would like to purchase said reborn, i only accept Paypal.
Thats another problem I have with Ebay…they charge very high fees and then there is the PayPal fees as well…I make enough every month to justify the fee but I may have to let it lapse this next month until I have these other babies to list because there are very few sales per day recently. Im sure it will pick up at the end or beginning of next month when people get paid.


@jeepers Hey save them for Christmas-time! You’ll sell them for sure then.


I sell off of Instagram all day long. But, and here’s the big but, it would have never worked that way in the beginning. At first I only sold to moms looking for a pretty baby for their daughters. That’s usually a once and done kind of thing. Maybe they will come back the next year, but that’s it.

When you make the switch to adult collectors, that’s when you really can sell off of social media. You will end up with a following of people who like your style. And let me tell you, it’s almost shocking how many dolls some of the serious collectors buy. They follow the new releases like we do and know exactly what they want.

I am definitely not as popular as many artists I follow, but can stay steady throughout the year. I am also not anywhere near as organized… The really successful ones post regularly and have a lot of followers (I am inconsistent). It seems like they also do a lot of customs, ready mades in between. I see a lot of “I have a custom slot for this and this sculpt for the month of whatever.” So I guess whatever they are pre-ordering they are offering as a custom instead of waiting for someone to ask for it. I’m also amazed at how some of them can paint many customs at the same time without mixing up body parts or details.

I have lots to learn still as far as all of this goes, but am really trying to get it together… definitely not an easy task because I am naturally very scatter brained. :smirk:

I feel your pain! I will refund so quick that their heads will spin. Yes, still would, even though PayPal will not refund fees. It’s just not worth my sanity.

There was this one woman I worked with not too long ago that seemed normal at first, but bugged me to death. The endless messages, all spread out multiple times a day. The other messages, not rushing me, but looking for an eta… I ended up finishing that baby so fast that I surprised my own self. I seriously could not ship it off fast enough. :roll_eyes:


My customer that I got Eloisa for has 10 of my babies. Im also making her son a seconds Kase and shes ordered a Levi for next month :wink:
I have some ladies that first bought from my off Reborns that have bought two of my babies now. I have only made one baby for a child, Kase will be the second, and I also sold one from Reborns for a child the rest have been adult collectors so Ive been pretty lucky there.

I just recently started putting more of my babies on Instagram. Ive been pretty lucky on my FB nursery page…I have gotten quite a lot of sales and customs from that.


Definitely! I think it took more than a year for adult collectors to make up the bulk of my sales.

Oh my! That’s a lot. Lol I’m used to only 2 or 3 each. But that’s what I’m talking about. The serious collectors buy a lot. I don’t know how they store all of these, but they buy them.


Yeah, I think that the only way, is to move some out…eventually some of them have to be sold to make room for new ones. Im sure there are some special ones they hold onto but unless you live by yourself in a big house with a couple rooms for your reborns it would be hard to keep them all if you continue to buy :wink:


I may have to redress my Iris. Can’t change the gender though…she’s wearing a wig!


I think your main picture of her wearing white sitting on the bed with dolls are beautiful and very eye catching. She has that ‘old time doll’ feel.


I’m still a pretty new artist I’ve only reborner 7 only sold 2 in 4 months. I don’t know if my work is that bad or if the reborning community is sizzling out…
Either would be heartbreaking…


@BeVixL Where do you sell your babies? I am new too, started in Jan, 2019. Created 9, kept 2, all others are sold. Do you use


I’m in NZ but I use something called Trade me it’s the New Zealand Amazon… I think reborns aren’t as popular as in America