No sales lately


I haven’t sold anything in the longest time and I’ve NEVER had 4 babies online at the same time.
Wish me luck sales get better.


I can sympathize with you!! I’ve never had so many laying around here…it’s been too long! Makes me want to reduce them to almost nothing.:sleepy:

I did reduce my membership though after the last sale because we had gone away. Wondering if I should up it again to Gold. I should be done with Johannah to list soon.


Sales pardon me SUCK! Its been too long for me also. Don’t bother reducing your prices, I put my cuddle babies down to cost and none are selling just to get rid of them. I’m thinking of raising prices sometimes that works.LOL.


Hopefully it’s just because it’s the end of the school year. For me I have a graduation planned and 2 going into summer football camp not to mention registration fees for next school year already. On top of all that we have a Florida vacation next month already booked. So maybe it’s just stuff like this. I have amazing babies so I’m sure sales will pick up soon!


Everyone already spent all their tax money already I think :sob:


I’m having a hard time selling my latest. Hopefully things will pick up.


Ditto. Was just thinking today about donating them to a local nursing home.


@jeepers You can send one to @Tessa to donate for a foster child :slight_smile:


I have 5 for sale now…poor little newborn Joseph has been there for a long time. I think I will do some new pictures of him. Im just finishing up a custom April so thats sold and I shouldn’t whine too much because I just sold a baby last week.
Im sure things will pick up soon, people are still recovering from Christmas. In the mean time I just keep making babies :wink:


Well, I’m glad for the company- glad I’m not all alone!
Thanks for chiming in ladies. My husband also mentioned that people have stopped spending since the tax season so maybe that is it, i don’t know but I refuse to lower my prices. That won’t happen.


People may have spent their last bits between spring break, Easter and mother’s day, now all the upcoming graduation party planning. I take forever to paint a doll so I don’t sell that many really when it comes down to it.


Yep, my Ellie Sue has been sitting there for a month. Nobody is even looking at her. :tired_face:


I am not so patiently waiting for my first sale. I thought for sure my Leif was going last night- I got over 200 clicks in two hours. How random? Today- not much of anything. I’m glad it’s not just me, but I really hope it picks up for all of us!


My sales have been in the dumps lately too. I had high hopes for my baby Groot and 3 month Joseph, but other than lots of inquiries, no one has bitten. I have plenty of kits in my stash to work on, but I’m running out if storage for my finished for-sale babies.


I feel your pain! I have never had dolls sit this long!!! Hopefully business picks up soon.


Does everyone here have the Gold membership. I had it and downgraded to the silver because we were away. Wonder if I should upgrade, or do you think it might not help?


I have good. Always have, and until very recently have sold most babies within the first few days. But now, the one baby I have listed doesn’t even get many views. I wonder if making bronze free has backfired. Now there are so many babies listed, and none will expire because of a seller not renewing. :thinking:


Hmmm I never thought of that. May I ask if you buy it month to month or for the several months. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to do this so I am month to month.


As soon as I bought gold for the first time in a year my sales stopped. Not sure if it’s a coincidence. Lol :frowning:


I do month to month. That way I don’t have to pay if I don’t have a baby to list. I have one listed right now. My subscription ends today or tomorrow. I may just let it lapse til I get another one ready to list.