Newborn Version of Bluebell by Cassie Brace?


I just got the Bluebell kit by Cassie Brace for my birthday and I absolutely LOVE her! She’s my favorite size. After putting her together and doing some measurements, I would say she’s the size of an average 3 month old girl. I decided to use BB’s Grant body for her and it looks WAY better than the one that was provided. I really love having a younger and then older version and would like to do that with Bluebell. Anyone have any ideas on a kit 18-20" that could look like a newborn version of Bluebell Brace? I’ve included one of the photos of her from the MacPherson Crafts website, so a disclaimer, this is not my work.


Maybe Nellie by Cassie Brace? She’s got a similar grumpy face


Not my pics


Josephine or Genevieve?


Oh my goodness! You nailed it! Thank you SO much. I can’t believe I didn’t see her. She’s sold out at MacPherson’s but still available at Dolls By Sandie. I better snatch her up quick!


I love those two SO much! I was thinking Josephine could totally work for newborn Bluebell and then I also have Evelyn Brace and Genevieve looks just like newborn Evelyn. Man! I just want ALL of Cassie Brace’s kits. I need to find some money somewhere!


Haha no problem :slight_smile: I only remembered Nellie cause I painted her a few years ago when she first came out