New: Tips for rooting?

Hi all! I’m fairly new to the reborning community. I have made three dolls so far. They are cute. But not exactly what I was going for. Do any of you have any tips or pointers on rooting the head? I can get the basic hair line just fine, but what about the baby dust hair by the temple? I don’t know how to do it. :frowning: Tips would be great! TIA

i have only been reborning for a year and am always learning something new. i have a serious problem with micro rooting. but a lot of ladies use the small single barb needles to grab less hair. also for the really light hairs on the sides you can use a prisma pencil. and this is one head map i want to try

What’s that pencil you mentioned and where do I get it? Also, how do you seal the pencil on so it doesn’t just rub off?

The head mapping photo did not load for me? I would love to see it though. @GigisRebornNursery - root the fine temple hairs with a 43g single barb needle. You have to root it with the needle a a pretty good angle so,the hair lays close to the head. The pencil becomes semi-set after a day or so. I remember when I did. Head of hair with it that Nicole Russell said to lightly press (gently) with a cosmetic sponge that had a bit of Genesis thinning medium on it and baking it.

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the picture i put up was from the Little Wrens Nest rooting tutorial page. not sure why it didnt load for you.

@pia thanks! I have two different shades in my cart right now. Just for a little demention. Would it look bad if I drew it on with the pencil and root some in? I see people painting it on and then rooting, but I’m not THAT good yet! Lol

Here’s Little Wren’s Nest Rooting Tutorial:

I hope it is not in the Bountiful Baby Cart - that is Ruby Red and very difficult for many of us to root. There are several reborn artists that do painted hair and then root over it with less hair than if they were rooting it only.

Lol I meant I have the pencils in my cart. I have bountifulbaby mohair. So far I’ve done two heads with it. I haven’t had much trouble with it.

You will love when you run out and buy really nice mohair! The pencils that I used for my last set of brows was the dark umber (mine says run ombre), ginger root and beige. I wanted light colored brows, so I highlighted with the 2 lighter shades. I think most people like expresso and say that it doesn’t turn orange when baked like many of the browns then to do. I really only did blond babies when I used the prisma pencil for the whole head of hair though and that color is pretty forgiving.

Where can I go get nice mohair?
I can’t wait til my pencils come in. I also got a new kit (cuz why not? Lol) I am way too excited for it all to get here!!!

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I love the hair that Carolyn (@sugargliderus) processes and sells here on the forum. She usually posts when she has some available. Slumberland yearling is also nice. Many on the forum have found others that they like too. I tried Delta Dawn and the serum coating that she puts on the hair makes it difficult for me to feel the direction of the cuticle and I don’t think it is as easy to root as some of the others.

Welcome, Crystal! I love Sugargliderus hair, too. I used the yearling hair on my last head and LOVED it!

i have never tried Sugargliders or Delta dawn but i have used Slumberland and love it. it is very soft and silky and shiny

I will have to do some experimenting! Lol