New "Spice" prototype on eBay - reborn by Helen Jalland

Hey everyone!

We have an adorable new prototype to share with you! This amazing prototype of “Spice” was reborn by Helen Jalland. Spice is a new sculpt by Donna RuBert. Helen’s version of her is as cute as can be! You can view her auction here:

You can also view her auction on our homepage at:

Spice is about 20 inches long when completed. She has the sweetest chubby cheeks and cutest lips! You can view more photos of her here: You can also sign up for her release here:

We hope you have an amazing day!

Bountiful Baby


I can’t wait for this one!!

I like her !

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She’s adorable!

She is adorable! I can’t wait!

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She is precious.

So great to see this reborned by Helen Jalland! I remember when she reborned Meg way back in the day. :heart:

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she is absolutely adorable! I think this sculpt is going to be a favorite

Do those limbs belong to Honey and Sugar?? Sure look like it to me. They are not too realistic looking to me. Am I wrong?

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They are Honey/Sugar limbs. Would be nice to have new ones. But her face is very precious!

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That was my thought, too. New sculpt, would expect new limbs. Honestly, Sugar and Honey often have their limbs switched out now for Realborns’ instead.

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