New Sculpt Coming Soon! Yumma Bubba, by Donna RuBert

New sculpt coming soon!

We are excited to show you our newest upcoming kit, Yumma Bubba! Yumma Bubba was sculpted by Donna RuBert. She is about 28 inches long when completed. She has such a fun expression that is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Our first prototype of Yumma Bubba is on eBay now! This beautiful prototype was reborn by Marie Gambus-Metayer. You can check out her auction here: Reborn doll, Prototype Yumma Bubba, baby girl, Donna RubBert , Toddler. | eBay. Marie’s version of her is as perfect as can be!

Yumma Bubba’s kit is coming soon. You can find the link to sign up for her release here: Yumma Bubba (28" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). You can also see more of her details here: yummabubba - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC). This cute kit has so much personality!

Bountiful Baby


I wish it would have full limbs :frowning:


That was my first thought too.


so sweet!

Does she use honey and sugar limbs again??

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Is it Juan limbs? She’s so cute and unique


Another adorable one I won’t buy because of the limbs :disappointed::disappointed:. 3/4 limbs just never sell for me. I hope they offer her head separately at some poinT

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Such a cutie! :heart: I can handle the 3/4th arms but not the legs lol. Thinking about pairing the head with 7 month June’s limbs.

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Oh definitely! Most onesies have cap sleeves anyway. But the 3/4 legs drive me crazy. I don’t even like jointed legs

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I think Juan/Hailey limbs

I love that face/facial expression! So cute!!

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Oh goodness, that little tongue! Lovely unique sculpt. I’m already thinking about what kind of alternative she could be.


I got a Hailey head once and it was bigger than my 2 year old’s head (at the time)


Yes!! I actually had a Hailey once too and sold the kit because I was scared because of her size!
This one is really really cute though so I am going to need one
The little tongue is so cute!

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Not to my liking, but I can easily see Gina Gabriell of Saint Cloud Nursery making a spectacular alternative clown baby with the kit. I adore her work as much as I do Jodie Lombardo. Jodie’s colors
are more vivid and Gina’s are softer. I would be very excited to see their versions.

Maybe collectors aren’t loving this kit; Marie’s prototype only reached $690 and her painting is flawless.


@Gabriell would make a very cute version I agree.


I fell in love with this sculpt. I was looking at it on my phone, without my glasses and I thought she had a cleft lip! I thought, this is so cool, I am totally painting that baby!

Then I put my glasses on.

Still adorable, such a cute face.

I need to get it but I am up to my ears in sculpts at the moment.

I am sure I will have a weak moment and buy her at 2am!


Nope! Dislike the face/tongue thing…