NEW Release! First Realborn® Twins Evelyn and Elizabeth - Available NOW!

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce our first Realborn® twins Evelyn and Elizabeth are available now! Be sure to snatch up your precious bundles of joy! These two new releases are featured on our home page at:

Thanks so much!

Bountiful Baby


I just ordered mine! so cute~

I ordered Evelyn. I’m not going to make twins.

I caved in…i ordered both babies and bodies as an early birthday present for myself…my birthday is June 26th


There have been so many prototypes I just realized the actual kits for sale. LOLOL


The only thing i kinda am not fond of is Elizabeths legs…in the pictures it looks a little odd…
Hopefully they lool better in person…i jave a spare set of Owens legs so i may see if those will work on her.

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yeah, I have learned not to look at prototypes anymore. I studying the kit. I have a boy right now that has an odd shaped head and had I know, I probably would have not purchased him. I made him cute but can’t get passed the head and just can’t find myself to root him. I have never painted hair, I may try today.

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