New Realborn! Darren, reborn by Alexa Calvo, on eBay now!

Good Afternoon!

We are pleased to present our newest Realborn, Darren. Darren is a small newborn sized baby and has an adorable open mouth! The real Darren weighed only 5 lbs, 15.5 oz at birth. He is a little smaller than his big brother Joseph was as a newborn. Darren is the little brother of our Realborns Emmy and Joseph. His older siblings couldn’t adore him more! Here is a link to see photos from his newborn photography session:

We also have our first Darren prototype on eBay now! Darren was lovingly reborn by the talented Alexa Calvo. To bid on this darling boy, here is a link to his auction: His auction is also featured on our home page at: Those fuzzy cheeks will melt your heart. Alexa’s work on sweet little Darren is outstanding!

Darren’s Realborn comes with full limbs and is about 17.5 inches long when completed. To see his blank vinyl photos, here is a link to his item: The link to be notified of Darren’s release can also be found in his item description. Darren’s kit will be released on our website very soon (as soon as the end of August), so be sure to keep your eye out for him!

Have a Great Day!

Bountiful Baby


He is gorgeous!

Oh, he’s so beautiful!


He is sooo cute! I can not wait for his kit to release!

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