NEW Premium Quality Mohair Available NOW!


Good Evening,

We are excited to announce that we now carry a premium line of mohair! Our new premium mohair is made by HP-Babylocks in Germany and is 100% pure, high quality mohair! This is the same mohair used by prototype artist Jacqueline Kramer. Jacky has won many awards for her realistic rooting. She uses HP-Babylocks mohair for that realistic, baby fine look.

You can find our amazing new line of mohair on our website now! Here is a link to purchase:

Have a Wonderful Day!

Bountiful Baby


Wow wonderful!! I’ve only done 1 doll and didn’t like ruby red. Thanks!!


Wait, wow!! Exspensive!!


Its gorgeous. Good mohair is expensive. But worth it.


I’ve bought very good mohair for half that.


That’s true. I use Slumberland and its not that much.


Very expensive.


It’s the same price as Delta Dawn. But Delta Dawn does flash sales pretty much every day. So you never really have to pay her “retail” price. Hopefully BB will do lots of sales too. Maybe that’s why it’s so high…so they can do 1/2 price sales and make you feel like you’re getting a bargain. :wink:


I hope so it looks like nice mohair but that is just way too expensive.


It looks really pretty but I’m more than happy with my current mohair provider which also costs way less than this (especially factoring in shipping and customs costs for me)


Has anyone tried out the new mohair yet?


I haven’t. It costs more than the kits so out of my league.